Nice to meet you! I'm Horak Corver.

Thanks for visiting TRAVERATE.com - a virtual travel planner and visual lifestyle journal featuring beautiful destinations, superb dining and unique experiences.

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself... I'm a suave young guy with a professional background in hospitality, marketing and design. Along the way I've been lucky to visit some amazing destinations around the globe.

Through this international exposure I've come to realize the soul-enriching effects of exploring a different world to one's own. Since then, I've been hooked on the feeling and I'm constantly in search of new experiences that entice and excite me.

Whether it's unwinding at a splendid hotel or resort, roaming a remote landscape, discovering a new city or dining at a fantastic restaurant - I recognize the value in each moment, and its power to become a precious memory. 

Having a strong sense of adventure and a discerning appreciation of fine hospitality, I created Traverate.com to share my journey, expertise and meals with anyone who loves to go somewhere beautiful! 

Work with me!

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