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Review: Flying Business Class on the Emirates A380

Review: Flying Business Class on the Emirates A380


Being high up in the sky is one of my favourite parts of going somewhere beautiful! And since I usually fly long haul from Johannesburg, catching a flight means spending several long hours in the air. Luckily there are some cutting-edge airplane cabins amongst today's modern fleets. The constant race to stay ahead has resulted in more refined air travel, with greater comfort, added convenience and better value for passengers travelling in all classes. 

Emirates is synonymous with this pioneering spirit. The airline boasts the largest fleet of Airbus A380's above the clouds. With 80 of these spectacular machines, and a purpose-built A380-only terminal at their hub in Dubai, Emirates has firmly set the industry benchmark.


The Seat

The Emirates A380 business class's clever 1-2-1 seat configuration creates a good amount of privacy if you're travelling alone. It's also convenient for couples if you sit together in the centre row. I prefer a window seat in this cabin, as it offers a bit more seclusion. The seats are comfortable and have several recline positions, including lounging and a full 180 degrees flat bed. You also have your own minibar in the seat area. Score! There is a fair amount of storage space (window seats have more) and an array of plug points like USB, HDMI etc. for device charging or personal media integration. 


The Food

We all know that eating on airplanes is way different than on the ground. Your tastebuds and senses are rather muted at 37,000ft. Thankfully, the food and drink menus onboard Emirates business class are expertly planned to please the palate, even at this altitude. You can expect French Champagne on tap, as well as a choice of several dishes in each course. During the flight you can hang out in the A380's lounge/ bar area, where a variety of snacks, canapés and drinks are served. 


The Service

In this category Emirates simply does it for me. Their cabin crew is well-trained, vibrant and efficient, hailing from all corners of the globe. The boarding experience is enhanced by a personal introduction from your section's staff member, welcoming you with a hot towel and pre-takeoff drink of your choice. Throughout the flight their call button response is quick, and during meal times your glass is never left empty. Cheers! If you plan on getting some sleep, ask the crew to make your bed... it's brilliant. 


The Entertainment 

Emirates' groundbreaking entertainment system, ICE, is one of the best in the sky. With several easy-to-use control features and an enormous, wide touch screen, there really is nothing more you could want! Browse between thousands of different movies, shows and albums, read news or watch the "live airshow" from several camera angles. Another aspect that I love is the inflight WiFi service - you get 10MB free, and for only 1USD you can purchase another 500MB of data. Depending on the route, connectivity is usually available throughout the entire duration of the flight.   


Overall, travelling with Emirates in their Airbus A380's phenomenal business class is always an absolute pleasure. This industry leader has taken what matters most when flying and enhanced it to a level that is so good, it's hard to leave the aircraft once it's landed!

*Flights EK380 & EK383

All photos and opinions are mine © Traverate

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