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Meet Naumi - Singapore's sexiest small luxury hotel

Meet Naumi - Singapore's sexiest small luxury hotel

I was rather thrilled for my first trip to Singapore, since the city boasts an astonishing selection of unique and luxurious hotels, which got me really excited! Visiting just after Christmas during the peak holiday season, accommodation everywhere was obviously pretty pricy. That said, as I was feeling festive anyway, I decided to spoil myself regardless, and book somewhere fabulous! Luckily I didn't have to look far to find Naumi - a slick boutique hotel bragging modern green design and a superb location in the heart of town (right next to the iconic Raffles hotel). It was ideal - exclusive, convenient and seriously sexy...

Naumi's various room categories intrigued me as they all have different aesthetics, but with the same fundamental design ethos. You can literally pick a room to fit your personality or mood. I loved the polished look and bold identity of my spacious Eden suite, which featured specially commissioned local artwork, Apple TV and a bespoke scenting service - yes, you can even choose what your quarters should smell like! My favorite part was undeniably the enormous round bath encircled by a revolving laser-cut privacy screen - fabulous!

Other notable aspects that stood out was the complimentary mini-bar and luscious variety of Soak Superfood toiletries. One small criticism: I thought that the wardrobe area was a tad small for a suite - but luckily there is ample space around the room for storage (even underneath the bed too!). 

Although Singapore is home to the world's highest, biggest and most famous cantilever infinite pool (you know which one I'm talking about...), Naumi's gorgeous underrated rooftop pool definitely has the better view. Also, there aren't hoards of noisy tourists and other hotel guests fighting to take that "signature" selfie... Downtown's magnificent skyline lies ahead in an uninterrupted breathtaking panorama of Marina Bay - it's hard not to be mesmerized. On sunny days this is the perfect spot to chill out with a cocktail whilst listening to the smooth sounds of their oh-so-cool curated playlist.

Even though there is no on-site spa facility available, there are plenty of other large hotel chains around, and it's effortless to book a massage treatment elsewhere. The "gym" is divided into 3 small exercise rooms spread over separate floors and it has just enough equipment for a quick workout. "Table" restaurant by Rang Mahal is the hotel's signature eatery and prepares fine contemporary Indian cuisine - unfortunately I didn't get to taste it! However, I managed to make time for breakfast on my last morning - the little spread had a thoughtful array of healthy snacks as well as hangover cures, protein shakes and collagen shots available. Since the cool citizenry of Naumi are certainly not avid buffet grazers, this breakfast was more than adequate to start my day!

Altogether I was very pleased with my stay. Often boutique hotels can be a bit too intimate, but for me Naumi was a perfect fit. If you're not fussed about having a room with a view and a hotel with tons of amenities, but value in vogue style, superior privacy and the comforts of home, then I enthusiastically suggest booking this small luxury hotel for your stay in Singapore. 

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* I stayed at the hotel on my own account. 

All opinions and photos are mine Β© Traverate 2017

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